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Is your connection safe ?


 Many people wonder how hackers get into other computers. Most of the time its just that some people dont know how protected their computers are. First of all if you dont have a good firewall or antivirus , there is a big chance that hackers will be able to get in or just simply still information off of you. 
Also you can make sure that your wireless connection or router has a good security key so that it will be difficult for someone to get into your internet and sniff information from your pc. How is that possible? Many hackers use different tools like Linux backtrack that supplies many utilities to crack a router of your laptop connection.

by djtumbopr

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So many Anti-Virus in the market, Which one should I use?

So many Anti-Virus in the market, Which one should I use?

Many people when going in search to get a Anti-virus in the store or hen downloading them , they find so many brands.Which one should you get? Years pass by and new companies keep on showing up with new brands of PC protection every time. After some research ,asking people and going to stores , I found out a couple of most used Anti-virus and/or Internet security that people use. These software companies that people said that are most effect were Avast , Kasper-sky , Bit defender, AVG  were the most mention. Many of the computers bring the most common anti-virus like Norton or McAfee , those are just trials. Do you let your anti-virus expire? What do you do? If you dont have the budget to buy a anti-virus many companies have free versions that are very effective as buying one of the store shelf. What companies offer a free antivirus? Right now I found that Bitdefender , AVG , AVIRA ,Avast! and all give good results , but if you want more features of the product you'll need to buy the full version.

Download free anti-virus

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VirtualBox Free Virtual Machine Software



Some people ask how to run 2 or more operating systems in their pc or or laptop.How can you do this? Doesn't matter if you use Linux , Mac or Linux . Virtualbox is able to let your run multiple OS for free made by Sun Microsystems. This program acts just like if you had another computer in your PC or Mac. I had tried this software and its been very useful for many user who would want to run old operating systems for example, If you just bought a new PC and wanted to run any old software just for windows 98 you would be able to do this with virtualbox.

FreeBSD running Ubuntu


Running Windows


Mac OSX running Windows


Download Virtualbox

  • VirtualBox 3.2.12 for Windows hosts x86/amd64
  • VirtualBox 3.2.12 for Solaris hosts x86/amd64

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StUDENTS!!! FREE Visual Studios 2008 ,2010!!!!

Students can now obtain Visual Studio, expression web free full version.


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